The Solo System

When you realise that you’re not satisfied with the way things are, you start being a seeker. Not looking for somebody else’s truth, but your own.

Nowaten, WisdomKeeper


The inner journey starts with a call to venture out of the prison of dissatisfaction. It is driven by a search for truth and lasts a lifetime.

The Solo System is a creative map for this journey. It was born out of the creative process of the author and may be useful to travellers on a similar quest.

Each path is unique, and yet there are patterns, signals, and structures that apply to everyone. This is helpful since this journey can be lonely and treacherous.

The Solo System offers a contemporary perspective of the inner universe. It reveals your inner landscape reflected by events in everyday life. Along the way, it becomes a treasured travelling companion, a reliable navigational instrument for your personal journey.

The inner journey is, in many ways, like a journey in the outer world. But there are also radical differences. You have probably heard this one:

The path is the destination.

The path is also the point of departure. The beginning is wherever you are right now.

You are always at the beginning, and all paths lead to yourself.

Enjoy the journey.