The Map of the Will

Will is a force. Will changes the space around us. — Paolo Coelho

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The Map of the Will is the first of a series of eight workbooks to accompany The Atlas. These eight maps are called the Maps of Awareness because they raise self-awareness through gentle exercises and surprising questions.

We tend to think of the Will as a free and voluntary Faculty. However, your Will is not quite as independent as it may seem. Here is an excerpt of the Map of the Will:

»The Will speaks to you in the Language of Willing. This is the first and most influential native Language in the inner world. Being fluent in the Language of Willing means that you are clear about what you want and what you give consent to. It means knowing the expressions of your Will, making them known without contradiction or confusion, and therefore being able to communicate this information clearly and effectively, not just in words but in all your deliberate actions as well as in your inadvertent behaviour.

The Language of Willing is about having a voice and giving expression to your innermost needs, wants, desires and intentions. It enables you to communicate with the outer world and take command of your own life – at least that’s its fundamental purpose. Fluency in the Language of Willing means that all expressions of your Will flow harmoniously together in the same direction. They don’t contradict each other. The more fluent you are in this inner Language, the less conflict you experience in your life.

Of course you are familiar with the Language of Willing. You know what you want, at least some of it, and you know when you express your willingness or not, at least sometimes. From the perspective of your Will, however, you may sound like a child trying to speak a foreign language. Do you know what you are actually saying when you use your Will to express yourself in this broken manner?«

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