The Map of the Soul

The truth will set you free, but at first it will piss you off. — Gloria Steinem

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The Map of the Soul is the second book in the series of eight workbooks to accompany The Atlas. In our culture the Soul has been delegated to the departments of spirituality and psychology.

When you start looking at the Soul as a vital organ of human Consciousness, you get a completely different picture. Here is an excerpt of the Map of the Soul:

»The Soul expresses herself through the Language of Being. In the Solo System Being is not understood as a passive condition but rather as a process of emerging into existence. The Language of the Soul is an indirect autonomous form of expression based on impression. You can think of it as a mould or former from which an expression is cast.

The Language of Being is a living mould that changes shape over time through the experience of life. Therefore the casts coming out of this mould are flexible and fluid while having certain unmistakeable characteristics that make them recognisable as coming from the same rootstock so to speak. The vocabulary of the Language of the Soul consists of different expressions of Being. Some are clear, others are more vague and fuzzy. Some are immature, others are more mature. The expressions of the Soul are difficult to describe because there are no words for them in our common language.

The Language of Being can be described as a way of expressing yourself in the world through who you are rather than what you do or say. It can be difficult to express yourself in that way at times since you don’t always know who you are.

“Who am I?” Isn’t this the timeless question all travellers on the inner journey ask themselves every now and again? There is also a preceding question, “what am I?”

Both questions are impossible to answer when you approach them from the perspective of the Intellect and view them through the materialistic lens alone. What you are, is a living bundle of human Consciousness, continuously evolving and changing and in the process of becoming a more mature version of itself. In this process you are expressing who you are as a result of the impressions you receive in everyday life through your subjective experience. Who you are is a living expression of this.«

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