The Map of the Intuition

Faith is an oasis in the heart, which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking. — Khalil Gibran

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The Intuition is one of the most important navigational instruments on your inner journey. It is well known as a useful ‘mental tool’ for making decisions. However, there is much more to this Faculty than you probably realise.

Moreover, the Intuition is not always reliable. The 4th workbook of the Atlas helps to improve your communication with this vital organ of your Consciousness. Here is an excerpt of the book:

»The Intuition speaks in the Language of Trusting. Trusting implies the expression of faith in a beneficial outcome. It expresses confidence in a higher wisdom that guides and protects you on your life path. Trusting provides comfort, relief and strength. It enables you to communicate with an apparent ‘higher force’ that is really within yourself. Trusting is effortless; it takes the edge off the strain of life.

The Language of Trusting also includes the opposites of trust, such as doubting, having a sense of suspicion, being skeptical. Such expressions of non-trusting play an important part in the protective function of the Intuition.

Your Intuition is there to guide you through the ups and downs of life, but she doesn’t always seem quite trustworthy. We live in a civilisation that teaches us to reject our subjective experience and look for answers in terms of ‘objective facts.’ We are taught to distrust our Intuition and rely on our Intellect instead.

The problem with this concept is that any ‘objective facts’ are always heavily influenced by the subjective experience of the observer. The Intellect relies on information he receives from the Intuition, the Instinct and other Faculties of your Consciousness.

If we simply take ‘objective facts’ at face value we are basically putting our trust in someone else’s subjective experience. This might be called blind faith rather than mature faith. And when we build our world on the expertise of the Intellect alone it is like trying to build a solid structure on quicksand.«


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