The Map of the Intellect

 A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices. — William James


The Intellect is the rational Faculty of human Consciousness. This function is commonly regarded as the most important and realiable part of our minds. When you view Consciousness as an organism with 8 vital organs, it becomes immediately obvious that the Intellect can only function properly when all Faculties are well developed.

The Map of the Intellect helps to identify the appropriate functions of this Faculty. At the same time this also helps to understand all the other Faculties better while promoing overall mental clarity and coherence. Here is an excerpt of this map:

»Thinking is the Language of the Intellect. Influenced by our tribal Consciousness we tend to interpret Thinking as the rational and logical activity of our mind. This is of course perfectly correct. The problem is that we further assume that rational and logical equals ‘real objective facts.’ …

The Language of Thinking has been the most popular form of expression of human Consciousness in the Western world for a long time. It has the reputation of being a reliable and sophisticated tool of the human mind that sets us apart from animal Consciousness and gives us an advantage in our natural environment. This privileged position of the Intellect has its drawbacks too, because it ignores the contributions that other Faculties can make and puts an unnecessary strain on the rational mind.

Moreover, the Language of Thinking can only be as reliable as the immature Self. The immature Self tends to confuse the inner Languages and mixes Thinking with Feeling, Dreaming, and all the other forms of expression of the other Faculties. Subsequently the Intellect has to work overtime to sort out the confusion…

Even though the Language of Thinking is rational by nature and in theory, it can often be irrational in practice.«

The Map of the Intellect is the 7th workbook of The Atlas.

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