The Map of the Instinct

I drank because I wanted to drown my sorrows, but now the damn things have learned to swim. — Frieda Kahlo


Emotional Intelligence has become popular over the past few decades. The problem is, we are so used to ‘understanding’ everything through the Intellect, that it’s easy to completely misinterpret your feelings. In the inner world, emotions belong to the realm of the Instinct. In order to really understand them, you have to communicate with them on their own terms.

This is the essence of the 6th workbook of The Atlas. Here is an excerpt of the book:

»The native form of communication in the land of the Instinct is the Language of Feeling. The vocabulary of this Language consists of the whole range of emotions that human Consciousness is able to produce as well as more subtle nuances of Feeling. Emotions are sometimes called ‘movements of the soul,’ but the Soul doesn’t generate them. They are produced by the Instinct, and the Instinct can act as an amplifier to the quiet expressions of the Soul.

We have an ambivalent relationship with the Language of Feeling, which goes back a long time and is partly due to a big misunderstanding. Based on our evolutionary history we still live under a misconception that we should react to the emotional expressions of our Instinct. At the same time we know that these reactions would often be inappropriate. Consequently we try to switch off the Feeling communicated by the Instinct. This has proven to be very difficult. After centuries or even millennia of attempts to suppress these annoying ‘uncivilised’ activities in our minds they are still around in full force. This can only mean one thing: our Feeling must have a really important function in the organism of human Consciousness.

Feeling is a very simple language with only three basic modes: good, neutral and bad. It is an instant messaging system that signals when and where the Self and Ego need to focus their attention in the inner world, yet the actual meaning of the signals is often unclear to the untrained Agents, and their interpretations are even fuzzier.

The most important thing to remember when receiving messages from your Instinct is that you don’t need to DO anything about them. Emotional Feeling is very different in this respect from conceptual gut-feeling.

Most of the information contained in your emotional Feeling relates to situations from the past, which means that it’s ‘too late to do anything anyway’ in a certain sense. The only action response they require is that you listen to them and GET THE MESSAGE.«

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