The Map of the Inspiration

Inspiration exists, but it must find you working. — Pablo Picasso


The Inspiration is sometimes thought of as a mental Faculty, reserved only for those born with special creative gifts. While it is true that some organs of human Consciousness are naturally more developed in some people, it is also true that everybody has all eight of them.

The Map of the Inspiration encourages you to stimulate the flow of your ‘creative juices’. Here is an excerpt of the book:

»The Inspiration communicates in the Language of Wondering. Wondering is a way of wandering with the mind in search of a specific insight. You don’t know exactly what you are looking for. What you do know is that you are faced with a situation or problem, which cannot be solved by conventional means. Your Inspiration somehow knows this: There must be a piece of information ‘out there’ holding the answer to your problem.

The moment the Inspiration stumbles upon an idea that appears to hold the solution to the problem, you experience a so-called Eureka Moment. You receive an ‘inspiration.’ The inspiring and uplifting information is strictly speaking not produced by your Inspiration. It can be considered a gift from absolute Consciousness offered to you as a ‘reward’ for your efforts. The ‘right’ answer to your questioning and searching fills you with renewed life force, and you can instantly feel it as a boost of energy or the release of an inner blockage. The moment you receive the inspiring information the search is over and you are free to move on. Every time you receive an inspiring piece of information your Consciousness expands, and you can feel it in your whole being. It is a profoundly moving experience.

Wondering is a perfectly natural activity of human Consciousness since it is impossible to know everything, and we are always wondering about things we don’t know. Because the Inspiration is a voluntary Faculty your active engagement is necessary to make full use of this natural asset. It is possible to receive inspiring information spontaneously, however, it is much more likely to receive it on demand. When you offer the accurate ‘keyhole-question’ to the universe, the matching ‘key-insight’ turns up spontaneously. Once you understand this fundamental principle of how the Inspiration operates you are able to tap into the infinite knowledge of absolute Consciousness. The Language of Wondering then becomes like typing keywords into a search engine and receiving information in response. The more accurate and precise are your keywords, the better and more satisfying will be your results.«

The Map of the Inspiration is the 3rd workbook to accompany volume 1 of the Solo System, The Atlas.

The Map of the Inspiration is available on Amazon.