The Map of the Imagination

 I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. — Michelangelo

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The Imagination is particularly well known in the world of sports, business, and the creative industries. When working with the 5th map of self-awareness you will learn that this vital organ has much more influence on your everyday life than you may currently realise.

The Map of the Imagination is indispensable for anyone wishing to ‘live their dream’ or ‘stop being stuck in a habitual nightmare’. Here is an excerpt of the book:


»The Language spoken in the land of the Imagination is called Dreaming. This form of expression uses images, associations and metaphors to communicate between different forms and levels of reality. The Language of Dreaming enables your Self and Ego to communicate with your Imagination and receive all kinds of useful information in different formats.

One form of Dreaming has become popular in recent decades as a tool to improve performance and achieve our goals in the outer world, and it is making use of this capacity of the Imagination. It is known under different names, such as ‘visualisation’ or ‘guided imagery’ and is sometimes sold in the context of specific ‘manifestation-techniques.’
For our purposes here any ‘strategic’ or manipulative form of Dreaming is too restrictive because it doesn’t allow enough room for authentic spontaneous and organic growth. Even though the Imagination is a voluntary Faculty the growth process itself remains autonomous. Trying to shape your Dreaming too much according to a current apparent ideal image can be counterproductive.

A lot of information is stored in the archives of the Imagination. Some of it relates to dreams from the past that have been shelved a long time ago; or the old dreams may contain seeds saved for future incubation and cultivation. Other compartments contain images based on your past and current perception of yourself and the world. These are often produced as a compensation for a perceived imperfect experience of reality.

The immature Self has an inferior range of perception, and the immature Ego identifies with dreams and images far beneath your true capacities. They are not able to conceive of the full potential of the mature Imagination, therefore it is wise to give yourself plenty of space for expansion.«

The Map of the Imagination is the 5th workbook to accompany The Atlas of the Solo System


The Map of the Imagination is avalailable on Amazon.