The Map of the Body

The body says what words cannot. — Martha Graham


The perhaps biggest surprise in the Solo System is the concept of the Body as a Faculty of human Consciousness. However, it is well known, that the body stores information, not only in the brain but in every cell. Moreover, body workers and trauma specialists know that stress, anxiety and trauma are stored in our ‘body-memory’, and that there is a kind of ‘feed-back loop’ between the ‘Consciousness of the Body’ and what is known via the other Faculties.

The Map of the Body is a practical introduction to the physical part of the inner landscape — your so-calle ‘Material Reality’. Here is an excerpt of the book:

»The Faculty of the Body communicates in the Language of Doing. At first sight this Language seems very familiar. Of course, you are doing things all the time. From the moment you get up in the morning to the time you drift off to sleep at night you are busy doing something: standing up, walking, washing, breathing, talking, eating, driving, working, sitting, resting, moving, rushing, waiting, the list goes on and on. Even at night you are ‘doing’ sleeping, and your Body continues to do countless intricate activities.

The range of expression of the Body includes autonomous physiological activity, such as breathing, digesting and the pulsating movement of your heart. It includes any kind of physical action and the skills you have developed through practice and repeated activity. It also includes the things that are happening to you, the activities that take place in your orbit and that are done to you. What is done to you is considered a passive form of Doing. This is the basic ‘vocabulary’ of the Language of Doing. It is the way your Consciousness communicates at the material level.

The Language of Doing enables you to communicate with the outer world. This is well known and fairly obvious. The lesser known function of this Language is its capacity to help you understand and confirm what is going on in the inner world. In this sense it is an important communication device for your entire Consciousness.

The Body gives expression to all other Faculties, and without them she would have nothing to say. Doing seems to be the most obvious one of the 8 Languages of the Solo System, and yet it can be the hardest one to understand because there are so many ways to interpret any activity.

When starting out on the Inner Journey we often assume that what is happening to us has nothing to do with our actions, or with who we are. Even if you accept that every event in your orbit is somehow related to you, it is not always easy to understand what that is supposed to mean.«

The Map of the Body is the 8th workbook of The Atlas.

The Map of the Body is available on Amazon.