The Horizon

 Every act of knowing brings forth a world. — Humberto Maturana & Francisco Varela

The Solo System, Vol. II

The Horizon is the second volume of the Solo System, and it shows the dynamics within the inner universe. You could say that the Atlas presents the ‘anatomy of human Consciousness’ and the Horizon captures its physiology.

The Horizon is a tremendously useful guide for ‘Frequent Travellers’ on the inner journey. The book is divided in two parts:

Part I offers information about interactions between the 8 Faculties and the stages of growth of human Consciousness.

Part II presents an overview of 8 Paths of Self-Responsibility and introduces eight very useful travel routes through the inner landscape.

The Horizon is not yet published in bookform but the chapters of the book are currently available to read on our sister website:



The Horizon will also be accompanied by a series of eight workbooks. Each book relates to one of the eight ‘Paths of Responsibility’, with practical applications in everyday life. Here is an overview of the eight paths:


 The Solo System Workbooks, Vol. II

The Path of Self-Reflection (in preparation)
The Path of Self-Determination (in preparation)
The Path of Self-Protection (in preparation)
The Path of Self-Discovery (in preparation)
The Path of Self-Assurance (in preparation)
The Path of Self-Respect (in preparation)
The Path of Self-Recognition (in preparation)
The Path of Self-Realisation (in preparation)