The Atlas

 There is no path to reality. Reality is not to be found on any path; it is to be found through the uncharted sea of self-knowledge. — Jiddu Krishnamurti

SOLO_Atlas_smallThe Solo System, Vol. I

The Atlas presents an overview of the inner landscape from the perspective of the Solo System. It is a reference book which can be used as a guide for the inner journey. The first part of the introduction contains an overview of the Solo System in a nutshell:

What the Solo System is

»The Solo System is a model of human Consciousness … It describes the human organism in terms of eight Faculties, which are common to every human being. The eight Faculties of the Solo System are Will, Soul, Inspiration, Intuition, Imagination, Instinct, Intellect, and Body….

Each Faculty is seen as a specific frequency, at which we experience life and ourselves in a particular way. Here is a list of definitions of the eight Faculties of human Consciousness according to the Solo System.

The Faculty of the Will is the Consciousness of willingness, creation, and willpower.

The Faculty of the Soul is the Consciousness of wholeness, identity, and home.

The Faculty of the Inspiration is the Consciousness of resourcefulness, curiosity, and ingenuity.

The Faculty of the Intuition is the Consciousness of trust, mystery, and direction.

The Faculty of the Imagination is the Consciousness of playfulness, fantasy, and performance

The Faculty of the Instinct is the Consciousness of vibration, harmony, and sensitivity.

The Faculty of the Intellect is the Consciousness of polarity, logic, and comprehension.

The Faculty of the Body is the Consciousness of synergy, evidence, and action.«

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The Solo Plexus

Here is an overview of all eight Faculties of the Solo System and the Autonomous Properties belonging to the parts of the inner landscape ruled by them. SoloPlexus_A4_New