And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself? — Jalal ad-Din Rumi


The Initiation to the Inner Journey is an introduction to the Solo System.

Here is a glimpse into the book:

»One morning in Amsterdam I went to a bakery to buy some buns for breakfast. When I opened my wallet to pay, I was surprised to find it empty. Horrible feeling in the stomach, confusion, embarrassment, floods of thoughts and emotions suddenly gushing through my system, too much to handle all at once. I was on holiday. I had only just arrived, and all my money was gone, stolen in the hostel where we were staying.

The external event only took a few moments. I had left my bag on the bed in the dormitory while I went to the bathroom. Some fellow traveller took the opportunity to help themselves to my cash, and the rest is history. The internal event was so impressive that I can still remember it now, 42 years later.

Human life always happens in two parallel worlds, an external one and an internal one. In the outer world you are whoever you are, you do whatever you do, and you have a place among 7 billion other humans and counting.

In the inner world it’s a lot more complicated in some ways and a lot simpler in others. You are who you think you are – based on your feelings, beliefs and self-image – but you can also be whoever you want to be, depending on your dreams, hopes and potential. You don’t know what you are doing a lot of the time, and unless you spend a significant amount of time exploring that inner world, you don’t know your place in it. This is the complicated part.«

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